Pet Odor & Stains1

A smell that we can get out.

Your pets are a part of your family; no matter how well trained they are, accidents can still happen. Worry not, Master’s Touch Steam Cleaning is here. You love your pet, and you know that they did not mean to, but that doesn’t change the stains that you are left with. You should never put off getting a true clean when this happens. Cleaning not only removes any possibility of smells that may occur, but it can also protect your carpet from damage and spots as well.

Removing pet odors and treating stains, you can count on us when you need us most. Using innovative techniques to produce high-quality results, we do not just treat the spot at hand but aim to restore the entire surrounding atmosphere.

Do not put off the clean that you need.

Mud and dirt are just one thing that pets track inside. They can stain your carpets and are a hassle to have to clean up, but there can be more serious matters at hand. When animals go to the bathroom inside it can leak down into the padding of your carpet and create a bigger problem than you may know. At home solutions work to make the surface layer clean, but often times they cannot penetrate deep down under your carpet and remove all of the matter. In time, this can create an unpleasant smell and even attract your pet to have an accident time and time again in the same area.

Bad smells have nothing on the experts at Master’s Touch Steam Cleaning. Call for your free estimate today.