We all love our pets. We cannot imagine what our lives would be like without them. However, there are two things you will hear every pet owner say they wish they didn’t have to deal with when it comes to keeping a pet in their home: stains and odors. Unfortunately even the very best animals have the tendency to create stains and odors in your home, a place you prefer to keep free of both of these things. Luckily, Master’s Touch can help!dreamstime_xxl_52560781

Removing Stains & Odors

We are the stain and odor removing professionals at Master’s Touch. Our standard process for doing so includes a four-step pet stain and odor treatment at no cost. This allows for us to take care of those set-in stains and stubborn smells. In severe cases, we can also perform a restoration type of cleaning on the spot. We perform all of our services while keeping you, your family as well as you pets in mind. This means we use the healthiest means possible to remove the stains and odors.

That’s Not All…

While removing surface stains and odors is important, we like to go above and beyond (or below and beyond in this case). We have a special machine that we bring along with us that can test the padding beneath your carpet and can detect pet urine that may be causing mystery odor and bacteria. This will not only help us to remove any hidden causes of odor but it will also inform you of your pet’s favorite place to relieve themselves so you can prevent them from using it in the future.

Call Master’s Touch today and schedule an appointment to have us come remove the pet stains and odors from your home!